ITEP Spring 2021 Inaugural Conference

Mobilizing Decolonial Praxis

The conference, Indigenous Education: Mobilizing Decolonial Praxis, premiered critical Indigenous education efforts that mobilize a decolonial praxis in schools and communities serving Indigenous students. The goals of the conference:

1) share ITEP teachers' efforts in indigenizing and decolonizing curriculum and pedagogy;

2) contextualize the ways in which educators develop a critical Indigenous consciousness that engages justice-centered pedagogies; and

3) create opportunities for participants to engage in critical dialogues that furthers the goal of mobilizing decolonial praxis.

Our goal in ITEP is to prepare Indigenous teachers to engage transformative teaching and learning practices that consider the unique cultural and political contexts of Indigenous communities. ITEP supports educators in developing curriculum that is driven by historical and contemporary issues impacting Indigenous communities to cultivate the next generation of critical Indigenous educators.