About ITEP

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The Indigenous Teacher Education Project (ITEP) was founded in 2016, through a grant from the US Department of Education. Our mission is to increase the number of Indigenous teachers serving Indigenous students, schools, and communities. Through the two-year program, cohorts of Indigenous pre-service teachers complete an Elementary Education degree, with a focus on Indigenous Education, and graduate with a teaching certificate. Below you will find FAQs and if you are interested in the ITEP program, you can view the application process, if you have any questions please do let us know!


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ITEP aims to address the Indigenous teacher shortage in Arizona by providing support to future Indigenous educators in their final two years of the University of Arizona’s Elementary Education program. ITEP supports student's development of values and philosophy as related to the values of their respective Indigenous communities.

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The ITEP logo. A circle separated into four parts which represent the four components of the framework. Each part is a different color, Yellow, Turquoise, Red, and White bordered by the Indigenous Teacher Education Project and traditional wave graphic.

ITEP values the relationships with tribal communities towards co-constructing pathways in teacher education to sustain Indigenous communities. We believe that such partnerships lead to new and transformative ways of engaging an education that fulfills the goals of their respective nations. ITEP prepares Indigenous teachers to embody the responsibility of leading such efforts in the classroom.

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ITEP is looking for applicants for our Fall 2020 Cohort! Are you ready to begin your career as an Indigenous educator? 

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